Starting the first day of graduate school through the last day of clinical practice, the Canadian Register is there for you at every step. From credentialing to educational and professional opportunities and much more, CRHSP supports you for success through a wide variety of benefits.

Become a Registrant

Regular Registrant

For licensed doctoral-level psychologists only (see credentialing requirements below), this is our flagship product. Apply today and join licensed psychologists across Canada and beyond who hold the CRHSP credential.

They enjoy all of the Register’s benefits, including unlimited access to our continuing education program and clinical content, a profile on FindaPsychologist.org, a subscription to the Journal of Health Service Psychology, mobility information, access to CRHSP sponsored professional liability insurance program and more.

There is no fee to apply at present.

See credentialing information here.

Temporary Registrant

Psychologists admitted to temporary listing are subject to the same general conditions and the same privileges as regular Registrants. However, they must also complete an Annual Report on their provision of psychological health services until they have fully met the criteria for admission. Temporary Registrants subsequently receive an annual letter confirming the accrued experience which has been recognized by the Canadian Register. When the criteria for regular listing have been met, Temporary Registrants are transferred to regular standing without any special charge or other procedure.

Example 1: Psychologists with interim standing who are completing supervised practice requirements to achieve licensure as autonomous practitioners.

Example 2: Psychologists who have not yet attained sufficient psychological health service experience.

There is no fee to apply at present.

See credentialing information here.

Retired Registrant

Psychologists admitted to the Retired Register enjoy several benefits, including clinical content webinars, a subscription to the Journal of Health Service Psychology, and more.

There is no fee to apply.

See credentialing information here.

psychology doctoral students and trainees

Associate Program

The Associate Program is for students who are currently enrolled in a psychology doctoral program from a recognized organization; for pre-doctoral interns and residents who are completing their supervised experience; and for postdoctoral clinical fellows who are not yet licensed as psychologists. Associates have access to all of the Register’s clinical content including monthly webinars, the Journal of Health Service Psychology, podcasts, and more.

There is no application or annual fee.

See credentialing information here.

Fees and Renewals

Application Fee

No fee at this time.

Listing Fee

Registrants pay an annual fee which is due upon approval of your application. The listing year runs from December 1 to November 30. Once your application has been reviewed and you have been accepted for listing, you will receive an invoice for the annual listing fee. Fees must be received before a certificate is issued. Associates do not pay an annual fee.


Invoices for the annual listing fee are normally issued in September of each year to coincide with the listing year of December 1 to November 30.