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Liability Insurance

As a profession and as practitioners, we have long advocated for choice. CRHSP believes that you should also have choices in making important decisions about the protections you purchase for your practice. Read our exciting newsflash below!

CRHSP Newsflash to Registrants

McFarlan Rowlands continues to offer CRHSP Registrants an exceptional policy of professional liability coverage including disciplinary hearing coverage, breach of confidentiality, abuse liability, pro bono legal advice along with options for cyber coverage, office contents insurance, and clinic liability. With a $5,000,000 per occurrence / $5,000,000 annual aggregate limit, the premium is only $295.

Please see the attached coverage highlights. Renewals will be sent to Registrants on May 1/24.

Professional Liability Insurance Program

Program Details

For many years, Registrants and others have asked CRHSP to offer access to Professional Liability Insurance as a member benefit. Recently, an opportunity arose that enabled the CRHSP Board of Directors to determine that it was appropriate to sponsor such a benefit that competes well with the other choices you have.

CRHSP is also pleased to offer the plan it sponsors through the same brokerage that has served Canadian psychologists for decades. McFarlan Rowlands knows Canadian psychologists and the services we offer through more than three decades of service to our community. CRHSP regards retaining McFarlan Rowlands as a further advantage.

Price is not the sole determinant for choosing your Professional Liability Insurance. Continuity with McFarlan Rowlands as well as competitive coverage, together with attractive pricing, were the conditions that enabled the CRHSP Board to sponsor the plan we propose for your consideration. We believe it is also a good basis for you to have confidence in the CRHSP sponsored Professional Liability Insurance plan.

We also note that CRHSP will receive no financial compensation of any sort from its sponsorship of the plan. The CRHSP Board wanted you to have any financial benefit to flow to you through attractive premiums.

If you have questions about the coverage and the options provided, please address them to McFarlan Rowlands at 1-888-734-8888 or McFarlan Rowlands – Mental Health Contact Us.